GRC & SC Sugar Curl Marshmellow of Siriuksen
tortietabbypoint bicolour American Curl LH female DOB 17.1.2017
Blood group A/b, DNA-PRA neg, Agouti A/a, Dilute +/-, Chocolate +/-
CH Blue Thunder of Sugar Curl x CH Tabbyorchid Elsa of Sugar Curl
Br: Rattharasan Phatthara, Thailand

34 x NOM, 19 x BIS, 1 x BOB

Cat of the Year 2018 in Finland (Female)
Cat of the Year 2019 #2


GRC & SC Siriuksen OpalCurl
brown spotted bicolour American Curl LH female DOB 8.7.2015 
PRA/DNA-neg Blood group A/A, Dilute +/-, Agouti +/+, Chocolate +/- Point-/-
IC BR*Aruak Curl Barth x
GC, BW, RW & IC DBCats You´re The One of Siriuksen

22 x NOM, 5 x BIS

Female of the year 2017 # 5
Female of the year 2018 # 6
Female of the year 2019 # 6


GIC White Star Iskra of Siriuksen
tortietabby bicolour longhair American Curl female DOB 6.1.2014
Blood group A, Point +/-, Agouti +/-

QGC(TICA)&WCH(WCF) White Star Veterok
x ShiningCurl Joulukuusi
breeder: Nadezhda Murzina, Russia
3 x NOM


Thank you Nadezhda!


CFA GRC & FIFe SC Siriuksen GipsyRoseCurl

black  longhair American Curl  female DOB 22.5.2013
(Blood group A)
SC Siriuksen AristoCurl x Siriuksen SalsaCurl, DM


17 x NOM, 2 x BIS


IC Siriuksen XianCurl
Odd eyed brown tabby van American Curl LH female DOB 2.11.2017 
IC BR*Aruak Curl Barth x
GC, BW, RW & IC DBCats You´re The One
of Siriuksen

1 x NOM


Alsace PradaCurl
lilactortie tabbypoint American Curl
SH female DOB 5.10.2015
PRA/DNA-neg Blood group A/b, Agouti A/A Dilute +/+ Chocolate +/+
Siriuksen KokopelliCurl x Siriuksen SalsaCurl, DM

IC Siriuksen VenusCurl
 Black shorthair female DOB 21.1.2017

SC Siriuksen Ragnar LothbrokCurl x GRC & SC Siriuksen GipsyRoseCurl

2 x NOM

Siriuksen BelinaCurl
 Black shorthair female DOB 12.6.19
PRA/DNA-neg, Blood group A/AB, Agouti a/a, Chocolate -/- Dilute -/- Point -/- LH +/-
IC Siriuksen ZaneCurl x GIC Siriuksen NidaCurl