Breeders we work with:

  • DBCats breeder of our GC&SGC&RW& FIFe EC DBCats Heartbreaker of Siriuksen & GC&BW& FIFe IC DBCats The Curl From Inpanema of Siriuksen & GC, BW, RW DBCats You┤re The One
  • N*Con Brio's breeder of our EC Con Brio┤s Silver Juliette, 
    EC Con Brio┤s Nin-O-Silver-Nuts & CH Con Brio's Gaparelli and the owner of IC Siriuksen Exotic Vampira and IC Siriuksen Wagga-Wagga
  • FIN*Clover-Club & EC Siriuksen Merlin, DSM & EC Siriuksen Exotic ┼belix, IC Siriuksen Exotic Ronja and breeder of our EC Clover-Club Heart of Silver & EC Clover-Club Dark Nightmare
  • B*Curlpassion  & EC& TICA DGC Siriuksen MuscatCurl and IC Siriuksen UcciCurl
  • ISL*Eldeyjar & GIC Siriuksen Mafalda
  • CH*Von Eran & Alsace Exotic Jonas
  • ExInfernulo*PL & GIC Siriuksen TabbyCurl & SC Siriuksen AxlCurl
  • S*Flip's & CH Siriuksen Fiesta
  • IT*Freya Oyne breeder of our GC&IC IT*Freya Oyne Witch Glinada
  • FIN*Fumocat's &  EC Siriuksen Mefisto DSM, CH Siriuksen Ninja, EC Siriuksen Yin and EC Siriuksen Dona Marchesa
  • JustOneWish breeder of our GC JustOneWish Splatter Painted
  • LV*Nostri Vincent & IC Siriuksen BambiCurl, JW
  • S*Ortalion & EP&CFAGP&DW Siriuksen UrbanCurl & EP&CFA PR Siriuksen XtraCurl
  • FI*Recknagel & GIC Siriuksen TangoCurl & IC Siriuksen ZigZacGurl & SC Siriuksen BabyCurl, Merja is also our vet!
  • N*Reinebringen &Siriuksen KiwiCurl
  • IT*Scaligeri's & Siriuksen KolobarraCurl
  • FI*Soundcat┤s our co-breeders Kolkka family; SC Siriuksen Exotic Devi, IC Siriuksen Exotic Druidi & IC Siriuksen Exotic Íbrie
  • FI*Trollin & IC Siriuksen LegoCurl and a breeder of our CH Trollin Coloria
  • Turtles Curls & EC Siriuksen ─ijńCurl, Siriuksen QiraCurl & Siriuksen KokopelliCurl
  • FI*Dezzicat┤s owner of GIC&SP Siriuksen Leo & SC&IP Siriuksen UmaCurl
  • HR* Zeta Leonis owner of IC Siriuksen ElvisPresCurl & GIC Siriuksen KildaCurl
  • Overear owner of Siriuksen ─zerCurl
  • BR*Gatil Aruak owner of GIC Siriuksen ┼lgotCurl & breeder of our IC BR*Aruak Curl Barth
  • IT*Vibrisse Feline & Siriuksen KaimiraCurl

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