GIC Curland Unique
Chocolatetabby LH male DOB 15.5.2018
Blood group A/b DNA-PRA neg. PKdef N/N, MPS6 N/N,
 Agouti: A/a, Dilute -/-
CH Curland Kelvin x CH Curland Isabella 
Br: Anna Naumenko

13x NOM, 5 x BIS, 1 x Best of Category, 1 x BIV

Cat of the year 2019 # 4 (Male)

GRC& FIFe NW & SC Siriuksen TritonCurl, JW
Browntabby SH male DOB 6.11.2016 
PRA/DNA-neg, PKdef N/N,MPS6 N/N,  Blood group A/b,
Agouti A/a, Chocolate +/- Dilute +/-
SC&IP Siriuksen Ragnar LothbrokCurl, DSM x GIC White Star Iskra of Siriuksen, DM
44 x NOM, 24 x Best In Show, 1 x Best of Category

Kitten of the year 2017 - FIFe National Winner
Cat of the year 2019 # 2 (Male)

 FIFe GIC&CFA CH Sugar Curl Cappuchino
of Siriuksen
Bluespotted bicolour longhair American Curl male DOB 3.1.2019
(Blood group A, PRA neg,)
 GRC, BWI Sugar Curl Cupcake  x  CH Siriuksen XiangCurl
Br: Phatthara Rattharasan, Pattama Weeranon, Chate Ruengruglikit

8 x NOM

Cat of the year 2020 # 8 (Male)

 GIC Sugar Curl Souffle' of Siriuksen
Creamtabbypoint bicolour longhair American Curl male DOB 19.10.2018
Blood group B, PRA neg.
PKdef N/N, MPS6 N/N
Agouti: A/A, Chocolate -/-
 GRC Sugar Curl Cinnamon x  CH Tabbyorchid Elsa of Sugar Curl
Br: Phatthara Rattharasan

2 x NOM

 Alsace OeCurl
Redtabby shorthair American Curl male DOB 4.2.19
 NW. SC & GRC Siriuksen TritonCurl, JW x  Alsace PradaCurl
Agouti, Chocolate +/- Dilute +/- Point +/-


GIC Siriuksen AstiCurl
Black bicolour male LH DOB 28.5.2019
PRA/DNA-neg, PKdef N/N, MPS6 N/N, Blood group A/A,
 Agouti a/a, Chocolate +/- Dilute +/- Point +/-

GIC Curland Unique x SC Siriuksen TianaCurl

8 x NOM



SC Siriuksen CharonCurl
Bluetabbypoint bicolour male LH DOB 4.2.20
IC Sugar Curl Souffle of Siriuksen x GIC White Star Iskra of Siriuksen, DM

15 x NOM, 2 x BIS
Cat of the year 2021 # 4 (Male)