Curland Unique
Chocolatetabby LH male DOB 15.5.2018
CH Curland Kelvin x CH Curland Isabella 
Br: Anna Naumenko

2 x NOM

GRC& FIFe NW & SC Siriuksen TritonCurl, JW
Browntabby SH male DOB 6.11.2016 
PRA/DNA-neg (Blood group A/b)
SC Siriuksen Ragnar LothbrokCurl x IC White Star Iskra of Siriuksen
34 x NOM, 18 x Best In Show, 1 x Best of Category

Kitten of the year 2017 - FIFe National Winner

SC Siriuksen Ragnar LothbrokCurl
Brown spotted SH male DOB 2.1.2016  
PRA/DNA-neg (Blood group A/b)

SC&IP Siriuksen ManzoniCurl x GIP&EC Siriuksen IdaCurl
23 x NOM, 13 x Best In Show

Kitten of the Year 2016 in Finland #3
Male of īthe Year 2017 #3



 Siriuksen ZaneCurl
Black shorthair American Curl male DOB 10.6.2018
 NW. SC & GRC Siriuksen TritonCurl, JW x  SC & GRC Siriuksen GipsyRoseCurl

15 x NOM, 4 x Best In Show Kitten